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nights get cool is the base of the leave will start to callous over and start to shut off movement of chlorophyll in the 2 leaves and when that happens then you start to pick up some of those other pigments. >> reporter: there are two key components that affect the leave's changing color. light and water. well the sun hasn't left us but the rain has. the lack of rape makes the trees react different than when we have normal rain amounts. >> the trees are gonna start shutting down early, they are gonna start browning up early, and you know, the brilliant, the leafs might even fall early. you might not get the brilliance. >> reporter: jack says it might not be too late. >> it may be time left to turn around some of the moisture. >> so if you dent want to drive all the way out to western maryland to see the colors you can plant a tree in your own back yard. the state would like the help
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with a $25 coupon. don harrison,. if you want more information you can log onto our web site at we'll send you to a link "the and joce is going to be interesting to see how our fall foliage season shapes undertake but we're staying average temperature-wize. today seasonable. take a look. winds have died down some. gusty earlier, gusting 20 to 25, now a steady win the around 6 to 12. not bad. temperatures certainly pretty pleasant out there, talking upper 70s from annapolis back the inner harbor and out to the west now toward frederick where we cooled off to 79. across the entire region western maryland all the way out towards princeville and ocean city, clear skies, and it's just going to be an awfully clear and pleasant evening. we'll drop into the 60s quickly. we'll ask about how temperatures change big time
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and heat up, when that happens, joce. >> thanks wyatt. hurricane igor is churning up the atlantic coast towards the coast of f. they passed justify off the coast of bermuda leaving many people without power, they slammed into bermuda bringing heavy rains and fears winds and the storm was uprooting tiegs all over the place. some people though were very curious and they wanted to go out to witness the hurricane's power. >> it's nothing spectacular but going to be absolutely horrifying. >> igor dropped more than 6" of rain and 15-foot waves hit the island flooding low-lying areas. a huge wildfire is burning in utah, more than 1600 homes have already been evacuated and at least four homes were destroyed overnight. it started yesterday at a utah national forward shooting range. 50 miles per hour winds spread the flames quickly and as firefighters battled the fire some of the tools in their arsenal are coming under question. a federal judge offered the u.s. forest -- ordered the u.s.
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forest service to reconsider the plan for using fire retardant. that's because there is not enough protection for animals those considered endangered species. tears continue to fall in fall stop. the 14-year-old was struck and killed friday night in bel air. guide answer counsellors were on hand for students who returned to class. the driver who hit joey has had the green light and at this point there is no evidence the driver was speeding. and there are still problems around the university of maryland college park campus. according to reports the man was held up by three men in a parking lot saturday at a shopping center. since last month there has been a series of robberies along the route 1 corridor in college park. many of the victims were students. and the towson commons just south of the towson circle will be auctioned off to the highest bidder tomorrow. the auction happens 1:00 on the steps of the county courthouse. the county believes the best use for the space is a hotel or
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some type of mixed use development. the county has set aside some money to help redevelop the commons and has pledged to do so if it degrees with the division of the new owner. now to a developing story. a man suspected in a series of stabbings in michigan and two other states clawing virginia is charged with murder and attempted murder. five men were killed, nine others injured, in a stabbing spree in the flint area. the suspect is also wanted in two stabbings and a hammer attack in virginia. he has been in custody since last month when he way as arrested at the atlanta airport while trying to fly to israel, his native country. the release of sarah shourd is offering new hope to the families of two other americans still being held prisoner in iran. aaron cater skis has more from the families who have been waiting for than a year to have their loved ones released. >> reporter: with the iranian
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president in the u.s. the mothers believe its a perfect time to meet with him and request the release of their sons who have been held 13 months after being accused of crossing illegally into iran. >> we're just showing the very, very human face of a mother wanting her son home and we're two mothers basically with two sons in prison, so that we would approach him on. >> reporter: both mothers are hoping the iranian authorities would show the same compassion sarah shourd shared last week. >> my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and the other was crushing. >> reporter: she spoke guardedly about her two companions, thanking iranian leaders, careful not to put their freedom at risk. >> my thank you for president am den squad for my compassionate release from detention. >> reporter: he said he would give a recommendation but he said "the men did violate the
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law." >> in the end of the day there is a law that determines who stays in prison and who toes not. >> reporter: not comforting words for the two mothers or for sarah shourd. she is engaged to be married to shawn bauer. aaron katersky, abc 2 news, new york. a push for more jobs out of the nation's ports and that of course includes the port of baltimore. more on that plan coming up. plus the racial divide when it comes to pay. something comedians have joked about for years but for hard working families it is no joke. some reasons behind the divide up next. taking a look now at hancock high school, 78 degrees, hit a high of 79, we'll be right back. >> abc 2 works for the community. a proud partner with the salvation army. fat tal lal tax on everything you buy?
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating.
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andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. abc 2 news is brought to you by chevy, award winning trucks, cars, and crossover. >> socks pushed through technical resistance to set a fresh four-month high today. the dow rose to 145, the nasdaq is up 40 points and the s & p 500 ended the day up 17. a u.s. trade representative is touting the importance of exports here in maryland. today the port of baltimore ron kirk pushed president barack obama's national export initiative. the goal there is to create 2 million jobs nation-wide by doubling american exports to
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the world in the u.s. korea free throw agreement. he says it's the best chance for growth here in maryland. >> but this is a wonderful model of how we can do it, making smart investments, investing in our infrastructure, allows us to create job opportunities and keep marylanders working, growing, supporting their families, putting food on the table. >> table. >> and kirk later toured the port of baltimore. a new report shows the recession ended in june of 2009 but try telling that to people who are still out of work. tonight a warning about a job offer that may end up costing you. john matarese has details so you don't waste your money. and it's a new cast of characters on "dancing with the stars." a preview before the show kicks off tonight. that's coming up. could switching to geico really save you
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance? does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist? patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interesting. you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you. ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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let's face it, we all know someone who is out of work and looking for a job in this tough economy. that's why you need to hear this story. abc 2 consumer reporter john matarese learns about one job offer you need to be careful about so you don't waste your money. >> millions of people are out of work these days, frustrated that in their job hunt. unfortunately when they finally do get a bite from a prospective employer too often it comes with warning flags. i spoke with one woman who almost missed them. >> reporter: sue majors, like so many other people is looking for a new job. as her position at a local hospital will soon be phased out. so she has applied for dozens of jacques on monster, career builder and craigslist. finally, someone got back to her. >> an employer that i applied to work for wanted to do a credit check on me. >> reporter: the email like this one told her to submit her info to a credit report web
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site first. she says the potential employer seemed very eager, almost too eager. >> it came back second note immigration, came back third and final notice and i thought "oh i'm missing an employment opportunity." >> reporter: but something seemed fishy. >> how can you want to do a credit check before you interview me, you don't know anything about me except the resume i sent. >> the federal trait commission says there was no job. the emails come from websites who want you to pay for a credit report. the fdc says never submit to a credit check before you know who a potential employer is. but sue says in this tough economy it's easy to take the bait. >> some people may be dispratt enough to fall for this stuff and spend good money after bad. >> in some cases the so-called job offers are simply an attempt to get your money. in others they are more sinister and are identity theft
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scams so steer clear, don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. >> abc 2 news is working to help you get back to work. if you want your resume on our web site or on our air send us an email to best resumes at and send along a micro soft word attachment. we'll get you to tape a 20- second video pitch and put it on the air and on our web site. if you're earning less and making less you are probably saving less. african-americans typically have less than 1 fourth the wealth enjoyed by the average american family. stephanie elam has more. >> chris rock has joked about black people and their money. >> shaq is rich. the white manna signs his check is wealthy. wealth is passed down from generation to generation. >> reporter: there is a sad truth this his humor.
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studies show black people tend to chronically make less, save less, and pass less money onto the next generation than their white counterparts and if you don't have assets you can't pass them on. [ chanting ] >> reporter: marvin and kathy dickerson are making sure their family doesn't make is same mistake. >> one or two bad mistakes will follow you. >> reporter: they started planning their finances before welcome 6-year-old kay lynn and 6-year-old miles. >> we knew we had to invest because we knew, one day, we were gonna have kids and we wanted our kids to have more than what we had. >> reporter: the dickers sons developed a budget, paid off their debt, began investing, and setup a will, a trust, and 529 plans to pay for their kids' college education. >> we can pass that wealth or those assets on to our kids with a $1.5 million tax
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exemption. >> reporter: but this family is the exception. according to the brookings institution the median net worth of black americans is about $28,000, compare that to $140,000 for the median household nation-wide. >> what were your parents saying to you to make sure it was so important that you knew it? >> you work, you save. >> reporter: while marvin is a spender kathy is a saver so the couple makes all big financial decisions together. >> kathy had this guiding principle if she spent $100 she gotta make. as we've got married and had more resources you can add another zero, it was like a few thousand dollars. >> i'm not talking about rich, i'm talking about wealth. >> reporter: but it more than just talk for the dicker sons, it's a way of life. apple wants to sell newspaper and magazine subscriptions for its ipad. the wall industry journal reports the company is trying to line up publishers and say they could offer a print
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subscription deal in the next month or two. now to a developing story, the bed bug infestation across the country has claimed a new victim. nike, the flagship store in manhattan has been forced to shut down because of bed bugs. bed bugs have forced several retailers to temporarily shut down new york locations recently. even google's offices in iconic empire state building hags fought the bugs and they are spreading to businesses across the country. >> it really has everything to do with trucking. we have found that bed bugs are hitching rides, being transported back and forth, into offices, into stores. >> with lost sales, damaged merchandise, and pricey determination bed bugs can cost businesses tens of thousands of dollars. listen to these expenses. bed bug-sniffing dogs. well one department store spent 10 ground to have their aisles inspected. pesticides run up to 10 grand for some businesses and
5:50 pm
insurance typically doesn't even pay. a giant video installation games passers bye this weekend a surprising idea that the place was on fire. it was a danish artist and was seen by at least 100,000 people. a comply dated technical setup costing nearly $700,000 was needed to create that illusion with the biggest projectors in the world used to create the impression of giant flames engulfing the structure. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate wii weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> so you're having beautiful weather, i'm glad to see you survived in your back. i wasn't sure. >> thank you jessie. it was interesting. huge success. the first swim we we have had for gibson island. 500 out there. >> 500,000 raised. >> half a million dollars raised. >> good. >> so we set all kinds of records relative to that event
5:51 pm
nation-wide. so eat your heart out boston, that whole thing. the bottom line was that we have great weather for that, we keep it going this week all week long. sunshine, get a little longer, might be up to 90 on friday. first days of fall coming in like a lamb to say the least. >> i like that. ease in the trend. >> yeah, don't like it too cold too fast, look outside. beautiful day. the swings in action. ride that swing, pain, that's what i always say. you got tone joy these days wheel we still have them joce. sunshine, 77 degrees, humidity 44 pearls, winds northwest at 6 right now. through the day it's been fantastic out there, weather net camera out there at the science center capturing a beautiful sunshine-soaked day out across the entire state today really. not just baltimore but everywhere is seeing all kinds of sunshine today. a beautiful scenario here early in the morning and late in day, school is in session, practice field getting awfully busy out that way. let's show you some of the
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temperatures state-wide, upper 7 10:00 still, slightly cooler over on the eastern shores, down the ocean city. back off to the west. generally warmer until you get way out into western maryland. wind have quieted down, a little breezy, north wind, that's one of the reasons we didn't warm up more than we did today. humidity comfortably low, just very, very dry numbers. in fact, as we go in the overnight hours, skies are so clear that the humidity is so low we will probably see one of our coldest nights of the season so far. many spots the upper 40s tonight under a crystal clear sky. but that will be about it for the chill so to speak if this week because things are going to begin to warm up after the day tomorrow. take a look at this. high pressure in control, we're on the chilly side of the high now with a bit of the north breeze. clockwise flow, as this high slips further and further east we're going to get in the warm sector, mid-80s later this week, pushing 90 on foregive,
5:53 pm
clear skies tonight, clear skies tomorrow, into the day wednesday, another day of sunny skies. although i take we may see a few more clouds roll in and maybe some rain out towards western virginia but we don't think it's going to get in here. atlantic satellite, what is left of igor, racing off into the northern latitude out there, so absolutely not a concern any more from igor except for shipping interests, 48 tonight under clear sky, chilly start tomorrow morning but widespread sunshine, we're going to rebound about 30 degrees with all that sun. back to 78 for your two degree guarantee. 58 tomorrow night, a little milder, if you watch a half hour, we had our days off by one. mid-to upper 80s wednesday and thursday, friday, that's when we think we'll push 90 and cooler for the weekend with our next fall cold front. i'm roosevelt leftwich with a look ahead to abc 2 news at 6:00. although summer is just about over it doesn't mean you won't fall pray to allergies and
5:54 pm
sinus problems. how sit affecting some folks so badly they have to have surgery in order to breathe better. and scammers are looking at ways to steal your child's hard- earned scholarship money. we'll reveal new tacts they are using. what's ahead on world news at 6:30. >> three investigations break here. one will shock consumers, another will send shock waves across a major corporation and their debt collectors. and the third will shock any parent with a teen. more investigations, world news with diane sawyer, on abc. cis news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there's something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm, works for me.
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new activia dessert. ♪ activia if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them.
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the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020. a plan that brings jobs back to maryland by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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celebrities will be showing off their moves when "dancing
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"dancing with the stars" returns tonight at 8:00 here on abc 2. amock the stars, "the situation, david hassell handoff, bristol palin and jennifer grey. the last time jennifer grey famously danced with a partner was 2 years ago. it was dirty dancing with the late patrick swayze. . >> the trust that i have to have with derek i had to have with patrick and they are very similar in the ways that they are both incredibly confident natural dancers. i feel like i'm numb. i feel like i've tapped into showing that makes me happy. the contestant dance tonight and tomorrow night. santana and daughtry will perform on that first elimination episode. taking your car to the wash has never been so friendly to the environment.
5:59 pm
how businesses are being kinder to mother earth. abc 2 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> now, abc 2 news at 6:30. a community weeps for a foss ton teen struck and killed crossing the road over the weekend. i'm roosevelt leftwich. when classes resumed students shared in their grief over joey ah trey montreal. the popular student died when he stepped in front of a car trying to cross the road. jeff haeger has more on the outpouring of grief over this teen's death. >> reporter: their shirts bear his picture, their cell phones carry his song. ♪ [ music ] . >> reporter: why don't we d ahremont's girlfriend learned of the death

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